Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Snowy Day Crafts

Despite the fact that it's warm today, warm enough to be sitting on my back patio barefoot, I thought I'd post a few of the simple crafts we did two weeks ago when we were stuck inside because of a crazy snow storm. Boo was particularly into doing crafts after only one day of being cooped up inside. He did three in a row!

We were working on the letter U so he made and "up" arrow. I cut out a bunch of small arrows and gave him the task of gluing them all on pointing up.
He made this umbrella. {sorry it's blurry} He had to piece together the umbrella stripes, connect the dots to make the handle, and glue on raindrops all over.
For another letter U umbrella craft, see Allie's here.

And after those two, he wanted to do more. I drew an oval on a piece of construction paper and cut out various parts of the face. He also had some cut yarn, pom poms and google eyes. He created a face with all of the pieces. He had to think about how high up to put the ears, where the lips are in relation to the chin, etc.
It was fun and he was so excited to show off all of his crafts when Daddy got home.


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