Monday, June 29, 2009

Hooded Towel Tutorial

We've pretty well worn through the nice stash of baby towels we got when Boo was born. The plush, thick ones are still hanging in there but are way too small for our quickly growing toddler. I wanted a few more without spending a fortune. When I was at Walmart the other day, I grabbed a few towels they had on sale. The big bath towels were only $3!

Here's a step-by-step to sewing a very simple, toddler-sized hooded towel:

You'll need one bath towel and one hand towel. I also used rick-rack and minky dot fabric to jazz it up but that's not necessary.

Start by cutting the hand towel in half lengthwise.

I had some leftover blue minky dot fabric that I wanted to add so I cut that to the same size as the halved hand towel.

On the decorative end of the halved hand towel, I folded the minky dot under about a quarter inch and pinned.

I stitched in place, closely to the edge of the minky dot.

I pulled out some old rick rack I found on sale at Walmart for the incredible price of a quarter! {Walmart has been slowly closing down all of the fabric departments within its stores. I picked up several packages of rick rack in the clearance bin before our nearby store's fabric section disappeared. If the one near you is still up and running, keep an eye out for notions to go on clearance. Can't beat a quarter!}

Anyways, I sewed the rick rack over the seam where the minky dot and towel meet.

Fold the hand towel in half again - right sides together with the decorative edge folding over on itself.

Pin and sew a zig-zag seam along the short edge opposite to the decorative {rick rack} edge.

With right sides still together, sew diagonally across the corner where the long, folded edge and the just-sewn shorter edge meet.

Cut off the excess corner material. This is what it should look like:

Bear with me on this next part - it's difficult to explain. Turn your hood right-side out. You need to make a pleat on either side of the seam. Start by measuring 3 inches from the back of the hood.

Pull the fabric over from there towards the back to make a pleat.

So your pleat is 6 inches "deep". Pin it in place.

Turn it inside out again and sew your pleat in place. It's a little thick to sew through, especially if you've opted for some decorative minky dot, but my good ol' Singer managed - slowly but surely.

Repeat to make an identical pleat on the other side of the hood. This is what it should look like from the back after you finished both pleats...

Now on to the bath towel. Fold it in half lengthwise with right sides together. From the folded corner, measure 4 inches from the fold and 4 inches from the top.

Mark with pins and sew a straight stitch from the top {4 inches away from the fold} that is 4 inches long. Confusing? Sorry! You're just making a single pleat in the middle of the towel.

After sewing, with the wrong side facing up, fold the pleat flat with equal sides of excess fabric on either side of the seam. Sew the pleat in place.

This is what it should look from the inside {wrong side} of the towel.

This is what it looks like from the outside {right side}...

On to the last step! Line up the right side edges of your hood and the bath towel {where the pleat is}. Match up the pleat seam on the bath towel with back middle seam of the hood to make sure they're exactly center.

Zig-zag stitch the hood and towel together along the edges. I went over this twice to make it extra secure since I have boys that like to run around the house like superheros in capes after their baths.

There you have it - a simple hooded towel for a toddler. Less than $6 and only about an hour's worth of time start to finish. Let me know if you make one!


Dirk & Christina Dunlap said...

I really love your blog... I try most everything since I have time before I start work... no sewing machines in singapore though!

randi said...

This is too cute! I bet this could be fitted for a baby, right? I may have to try this because a couple baby gifts are needed. Thanks! :)


Sarah said...

Love this idea I may try it for gifts :)

S said...

I am so excited I stumbled onto your blog. I have been mulling over the idea of making my own hooded towels and trying to come up with a simple pattern. I am not a seasoned sewer, but your idea looks easy enough. I love the rick rack idea. I have even thought about asking a friend to add some embroidery on them when complete. Thanks. If I am brave I will post pics of a completed towel.

ificould said...

You make this look so simple, even I could do it. I have loved this tutorial for quite some time. I posted the link on my blog

Kdj said...

Thank you for this! I have made several hooded towels several different ways, but I think I like yours the best. I do have one question... how do you sew the hood to the towel? Is there any overlapping of the two or are they just flush against each other? Any tips on how you accomplish that step would be helpful for me. Thanks!

Heidi said...

I've been looking at a lot of hooded towel tutorials and I've had a hard time deciding which one to make, but I really like yours. I think I'll give it a try.

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