Monday, November 16, 2009

Jesse Tree: Noah's Ark

You'll be seeing a lot of Jesse Tree ornament posts here as we approach Advent. I'm finishing them up quickly so we're ready on December 1st...just two weeks away!
Here is our Noah's Ark ornament for our Advent devotional about The Flood and God's Promise. To make it, I started with an unpainted wooden pirate's ship from Hobby Lobby. We ripped off the sales and cut off the masts.
Boo and The Good Doctor found a block of wood, cut it to size and glued it to the top of the flat boat. They also cut thin craft wood to make a pitched roof for the top.
I used an extra fine point sharpie to draw planks of wood and nail holes on the roof, then painted the whole thing with brown acrylic paint.
I plan on attaching several pairs of felt animals on the top deck but won't finish that in time for this year.
We used an eyelet screw through the roof to attach ribbon for hanging.

For all of my Jesse Tree ornaments to date, look here. You can also check out pictures of my ornaments on Flickr. Feel free to add yours to the group there.


Jennifer said...

It looks great, super job!

Amy loves... said...

You are doing a great job getting those ornaments done!

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