Monday, February 15, 2010

Sewing Tutorial: Bowling Set Drawstring Storage Bag

The kids got a bowling set for Christmas. It's so much fun and made out of foam which makes The Good Doctor really happy. He worked tirelessly installing our hardwood floors himself and flinches anytime we {err, mostly me} drop anything on them.

Unfortunately, the cardboard box the set came in didn't hold up very well and we had to toss it. After nearly a week of stray bowling pins in random places, I decided it was time for another solution. I didn't want to buy anything to make a bag, so I just used supplies I had on hand: some khaki twill fabric, felt, and ribbon scraps.

Drawstring bags are simple to make and don't require any fancy techniques. Perfect for beginning sewers.

To start, decide the size you want your bag to be. Just keep in mind a 1 1/4" seam allowance on top and 1/2" seam on each side. Cut out your rectangle of fabric and then grab your ironing board. Just ignore the stack of clothes that are waiting to be ironed. Sewing a drawstring bag clearly takes priority. :)
I ironed the top edges (the shortest sides) of the bag down a quarter inch.

After doing this, I realized I needed to fold over the raw side edges so they wouldn't be exposed. I just ironed the sides over a bit (1/4"). I only ironed the top 2 1/4" inches of the side edge. Don't iron all the way down the sides.
Fold the top seams over another inch and iron.

Sew along the bottom edge of the top fold to create the drawstring pocket.Snip the edge where the side seam will start, just below the top seam.Before sewing up the sides, I added the felt bowling pins and bowling ball to the front of the bag. I used scrap felt for the design.

I pinned the pieces to the front.

And sewed them on. I love that felt doesn't fray. It makes it such an easy fabric to use for applique. Now we're ready to stitch up the sides and finish the bag. I sewed up the side edges with a 1/4" seam.
Before turning the bag right side out, press the seam towards the back of the bag.Turn bag right side out.Using a safety pin as a guide, thread ribbon through the top seam on each side. Make sure your ribbon is several inches longer than the bag's width on each side.I knotted the ends of the ties together so they wouldn't get pulled out.

The kids love this bag and it's nice that all of their bowling pins have a place to be put away now.


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