Monday, February 1, 2010

Library Note: Like People

This is another of those books we just saw and grabbed at the library recently. And when we got home and read it we were delighted to discover what was inside. Like People is about the animal kingdom and ways that animals are like us: how they take care of each other, the different roles of the mommies and daddies, how they eat, play and learn. It's basic enough for a three year old to understand, but educational enough to answer some of their curiosities about animals. I know Boo has asked many of the questions that are answered in the book. He has wondered where animals live, what they eat and likes to identify the mommies and daddies at the zoo.

Like People encourages children to notice the similarities and differences between how we live and how the animals live. It also elicits further curiosity and questions about animals. We've read the book several times and every time Boo has more questions and we end up having interesting discussions.

Check it out!


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