Friday, August 21, 2009

Jesse Tree: Store Bought Ornaments

Although I'm making most of the ornaments for our Jesse Tree, there are a few that I have purchased.

I found this ladder on sale at a local Christmas store in January. It is for our Jacob devotional during Advent and symbolizes Jacob's dream. I love how big it is and the rustic gold look. Instead of hanging it, I'm just going to tuck it in the branches of our tree.
This clay jar was only $0.99 from Goodwill. We're using it for our Gideon devotional. It is the closest representation of what I imagine their clay pots looked like. I'm going to put a small votive candle inside of it.
This nativity scene ornament is from Hobby Lobby. They have them right now. I've had a hard time finding a good nativity ornament for our final devotional during Advent: the birth of Christ. Most of the ones I'd come across were kind of ornate or gaudy. I love this one.

I'm working on a few other homemade ornaments, one of which is a wooden pirate ship converted into Noah's Ark.

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