Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jesse Tree: Jonah Ornament and Other Ideas

Oh, I love how this one turned out! Here is the Jesse Tree ornament for our Jonah devotional during Advent. I used a pattern from this Softies book: I just scaled it down to ornament size and omitted the little bird from the top of the whale. Cute, huh? And the cost, less than $1.50, makes it even cuter somehow.

Hey, I'm making a pretty good dent in these ornaments. Hopefully I'll get them all finished before December rolls around. We'll see.

My friend Becca had some great suggestions for other ways to create a Jesse Tree. She thought of buying a bunch of picture frame ornaments and putting a picture of each symbol in them. This would make quick work of assembling a set and the tree would have a very uniform look to it.
Another of her ideas is to use a tree branch instead of a large Christmas tree. You could hang gift tags with the symbol drawn on them instead of ornaments. She also suggested using this wire card holder as the "tree". These are great ideas if you don't have the space for a Christmas Tree. Thanks for sharing, Becca!f


Anonymous said...

I LOVE how the whale turned out!! What a great idea for an easy Jesse Tree!

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