Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Library Note: My Life As A Chicken

Here's another book we grabbed at the library and were pleasantly surprised to read when we got home. My Life As a Chicken by Ellen Kelley is a new favorite. With melodic, action-packed text, the reader is taken along Pauline's perilous journey from the hen house to a petting zoo. The story is captivating for a young one like Boo and peppered with all sorts of great vocabulary words like "plummeting", "spellbound", "unoccupied", and "aeronaut". The first few times we read it without pausing, caught up in the action of Pauline's adventure. Now, we occasionally pause and I ask Boo questions about the story to see if he's catching on to some of the more advanced words. And with the context, he's already understood the meaning of most of the new, more difficult words in the book. It's so well written and the illustrations are as interesting as the story. Check it out!


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