Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Preschool at Home: Letter T Week

Here's our letter T lesson from learning time last year. Boo was just three when we did this.

For the ten commandments activity, we read through one of Boo's bible story books about the ten commandments. Then, I wrote them out very simply on strips of paper labeling both the strips and the tablets with numbers.Boo had to match up the numbers on the strips with the numbers on the tablets and glue them on.Only one upside down. Not bad! :)

We also worked on telling time. Just the basics of course. We identified the numbers on the clock and I explained that the purpose of the little hand and big hand. I got this foam clock at the dollar spot in Target a while back. It's great!For our turtle craft, Boo had to glue triangles onto the turtles shell. He also practiced tracing the letter T.
For our cooking activity, we made cinnamon sugar tortilla triangles. He dipped them in butter {healthy, huh?} and then dredged them in a cinnamon sugar mixture. We baked them until they were crispy.

Yum! They didn't last long after that.


Kirsty said...

Is it OK to pin this on Pinterest?
I like the 10 commandments idea - may do it with my Sunday School class.

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