Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My, How They Grow!

Do you take monthly pictures of your infant during his/her first year of life? Sadly, I totally dropped the ball on this with Boo. He was my firstborn and I was among the first of my friends to have a baby so I was clueless on the cutesie stuff that people typically do with their infants. With The Noodle I wanted to take a picture of him at each of his month birthdays until he turned one so we could look back and marvel at how he'd grown. And seriously, don't they change so much that first year?! The Good Doctor came up with our monthly picture idea: The Noodle in a bowtie. So we took a picture of him every month wearing a bowtie.
We thought it was adorable.

So for our baby girl, whom we've nicknamed Beans, I decided to make an obnoxiously large flower headband for her to wear in her pictures and "grow into" during her first year. Here's her first month's shot:
She's nearing two months and already she's grown so much. I think taking these pictures is a fun way to hold onto a time in their lives that slips by so quickly.

I've also taken yearly pictures of Boo waking up in his bed on his birthdays. We'll see if I can manage to snap one every year until he's 18. I'm sure he'll be less amused with the idea in a few years. For now he cooperates!

Do you take monthly pictures of your infants or fun yearly pictures of your children? If so, I'd love to hear your ideas.


Laura said...

Wow, she's gorgeous! :oD

Ashley said...

Beans is a cutie pie!!

I ordered Sticky Bellies ( for my boy's monthly pictures. I love them!!

Jordan said...

Even though my little one's only had one birthday, I've decided to take a picture of him first thing in the morning too! He looks a bit stoned in his first picture. Hopefully he'll look more...intellegent next year :-)

Lea and Valerie Bailes said...

LOVE your idea...I do a photo shoot with the kids for every month the first year, but I like the same pose with the same prop idea too! For S, I do take a pic of her "wearing" my wedding shoes every year. Maybe P can wear the bow tie from daddy's tux? or maybe the jacket? Hmmm, I have a few months to decide :)

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