Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cowboy Birthday Party: The Decor & Food

We had a joint birthday party this year for our boys since their birthdays are only 2 weeks apart and I didn't have the energy to throw together two birthday parties while toting around a 6 week old. They didn't seem to mind combining the celebrations, though I'm sure that'll change as they get older.

We had a cowboy themed party this year {see last year's construction party here}. We crammed a bunch of friends in our backyard and had a rootin' tootin' good time. First, I'll give you the details on the food and decor.

The guests entered our backyard through our gate. I painted a piece of canvas to make a dude ranch sign.

The kids stopped off at a small table that had cowboy gear for them to grab. The sign says "Git yer gear." I always think dress-up stuff and/or food are the best party favors. I know I don't want another sack of 10 cent toys cluttering up our house so I'm sure our guests don't either. Granted, kids seem to like 10 cent toys so what do I know? Oh, and that sign has a back side that says "Hit the trail." The intention was to flip the sign and lay out the bagged trail mix favors towards the end of the party. Somehow I got distracted and forgot. I didn't realize it until I saw all the trail mix sitting in the dining room later that night. Duh!

We had bales of hay for guests to sit on and The Good Doctor made a pretend bonfire as a centerpiece. I made these WANTED signs out of paper grocery sacks. Aren't our little cowboys cute?
The food was all cowboy-inspired fare.
We went simple with it: chili with fixin's, my mama's cornbread {2 boxes Jiffy mix prepared according to package plus 1 can of creamed corn - yum!}, jalepenos poppers {from The Pioneer Woman's cookbook}, watermelon, chips with salsa, sweet tea, bottles of root beer and horsey cupcakes.The cupcakes were stinkin' cute and an idea I saw here. Check out her blog for better pictures. The sun's glare ruined mine. Boo! As the other blogger noted, they're a little time consuming to make. Thankfully, I had made and frozen the chili and cornbread ahead of time so I wasn't stressed with preparing food and had time for those tedius suckers.
They were a hit with the kids so totally worth the time they took.

Check out these bloggers' great cowboy party ideas:
Elephant Juice
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Their parties were fabulous! I borrowed many of their ideas and found a few more here.I'll share the games and activities in another post.


Jessica said...

This is all so cute! You did a great job and gave your boys a day they will certainly remember! My little guy just turned one a few weeks ago... but I'm thinking our second birthday may just be cowboy themed... we'll be living in Texas then after all! :)

restlessrisa said...

Thanks for the link! I found that someone had linked to me through your blog. Your blog is great, and the kids are darling! Your party turned out so cute, and I can't believe you did it with a little baby! Amazing! I am your newest follower :)



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