Sunday, May 9, 2010

Baby Wardrobe Revamp: Ruffle Bottom Onesie

I went through the boys' baby clothes recently and pulled out everything that was somewhat gender neutral for baby girl to wear. Most of what I gathered up were plain white or yellow onesies. I thought it'd be fun to girly them up a bit. This onesie is one of the first I've made.
It's a newborn size Gerber onesie. I used this tutorial to add organza ruffles to the bottom and a little flower to the front. It took less than an hour start to finish and I used scraps from my stash for the whole thing. I love projects that are quick and don't require a trip to the fabric store. No sense spending a fortune on cute outfits when they're that little - they outgrow them so quickly.
For the flower, I used some of the organza ruffles and gathered two small strips of pink bias tape. I sewed a little pearl bead in the middle. I think it turned out really cute and will be adorable in her newborn photos with that little ruffly bottom.


The Grays said...

SO cute! Can't wait for your little girl to get here!

Here are a couple more DIY girl things from one of my fav blogs that you could add to your neutral clothes:

Lea and Valerie Bailes said...

TOOOO Cute! I'm not surprised!

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