Monday, March 15, 2010

Preschool Co-Op: Learning the Calendar

My preschool lesson today was partially focused on teaching the months of the year and days of the week. We also did a couple St. Patrick's Day crafts.

For the calendar portion, I wrote out the months of the year on our dry erase easel. We read them all together and counted how many months are in a year. Then we went through each month, talking about what holidays occur when and what seasons each month fall in. I had cut out a few construction paper symbols that corresponded with various holidays and the kids stuck them on the months where they belonged. They also labeled which month their birthdays are.

I read Calendar by Myra Gohn Livingston. It's a brief and basic illustrated book that walks through the months of the year. We made observations about each month's illustration: whether the kids were wearing shorts or coats to determine what the weather was like, etc.

We watched a days of the week song. It's really simple but the kids liked it enought to want to watch it twice.

I pulled out our calendar and the kids correctly identified which month it is. Then we went over the days of the week again and the kids told me things they typically do on each day: Sunday - church, Monday - preschool, etc.

The rest of the time we spent doing St. Patty's day stuff and talking about who he was.


Kelly said...

i have a bunch of questions for you about your co-op...major one is do you do a circle time or some kind of activity to bring the kids aware of time to learn?

We have a co-op of kids and we are having a hard time getting the boys to focus on circle time, they always just want to go right to playing...


The Notetaker said...

Kelly - Yes, we have a circle time at the beginning. We always start out sitting in a circle on a rug or the carpet. We usually pray before we begin. Lately the kids have taken turns praying at the beginning. That sort of starts our time and is the same regardless of whose house we're at. Maybe starting the lesson in a circle and reading a story would be a good way to divert their attention from playing and into lesson time. Admittedly, it took several weeks, if not a couple months, for the kiddos to get the hang of our routine. They were used to just playing together before we started our co-op. Granted, they were only 2 when we started so that may have been part of it too. Hope that helps!

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