Wednesday, January 6, 2010

US Geography Piece by Piece

Boo got a Melissa & Doug map puzzle of the United States for Christmas and we LOVE that thing. He loves maps so he already knew several states to begin with. But boy has it amazed me how quickly he's added to his knowledge with this puzzle. It's fabulous.

I love games and toys that are as much fun as educational. And I really love the Melissa & Doug floor puzzles. We also have the fire truck and farm animals ones.

We always start with Texas because we're partial and because it's so big and easy to place on the map. Then, we add in the states surrounding it since Boo's familiar with those. As we find and position each state, we talk about who we know that lives there or what things relate to that state. There are also pictures on each state that we discuss such as the Statue of Liberty on New York or Mount Rushmore on South Dakota. Boo also learns relative placement {above, below, beside} and general cardinal directions {North, South, East, West} while he works. I will ask him, "What state is above Colorado?" And he remembers Wyoming. Then he looks for the one with the horse and cowboy on it.

I love geography and it's fun for me to see his interest in maps and places. Not to mention that these floor puzzles are one of our favorite pastimes when the weather is dreary.


Jennifer said...

We love maps too, that ones looks fantastic.

Jenna said...

What a cool puzzle! My little man loves puzzles, I might just check that one out!
On a side note - I have a rug that looks very similar to yours! :)

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